Current Members
Bob Petrosino - bass (formerly in RagStew, Hate Wagon, Minus-Us and Kundt), currently in Doom Saloon & OBLIVION

George Machuga - vocals (formerly in Chum Bucket, 3 Legged Bitch), Currently in OBLIVION

Mike Sica - (formerly in Fallacy, Sublimation, Johnny Pipe, 4 Disorder, Cyprus, Co-Factor), currently in Lethal Aggression, Johnny Pipe, Mix Down Decoy & OBLIVION

Frank Bonanno - guitar (formerly in Technikill, Storm Warning and Seventh Sacrament), currently in Doom Saloon & OBLIVION

Chris Kelly - (formerly in Orphans, Fallacy, Technikill, Minus-Us, Johnny Pipe, Temporary Grace, Ugly Mugg), currently in Johnny Pipe & OBLIVION

Santo Dibenedetto - (formerly in Delirium Tremens), actively supports his daughter's musical aspirations in 18th & Addison and drums for 44 Fridays & OBLIVION
Past Members

Tom Picciotti - is an electrical engineer

Charlie Alaimo - (formerly in The Fuzz (a cover band featuring all cops), Ready, Set, Go), currently in Raftree

David Fesette - guitar (formerly in David Fesette Solo Projects, Donna Rose)

Dom Petrocelli - drums (Nemora)
John Proveaux - (formerly in Solace, THC, Voodoo Vibe)

Joe Farley is deceased – (formerly in Breakdown)

Dave Jones
Vocalist: Dave Gutierrez - (formerly in Lethal Aggression, Mental Abuse, Total F*cking Noise, Social Decay)
Bassist: Rich Valeo – (Iron Maiden & Rush cover band)
Oblivion formed in Toms River, New Jersey in 1984 by its founding member, Mike Sica (guitarist). Line-ups fluctuated throughout its early existence. Sica, Santo Dibenedetto (drummer), Rich Valeo (bassist) and Dave Gutierrez (vocalist), incorporating his style of metal vocals were the original line-up playing CBGB's, Dover Showplace, etc. in support of major international thrash metal acts, like Mayhem. The line-up recorded demos with its initial releases for the undergound tape trading scene: "Oblivion"[3] in 1985 and "Intention to Kill"[4] in 1986. "Intention to Kill"[5] was the band's first exposure to the global metal media market. The recording was reviewed by Bernard Doe on page 15 of issue no.16 of Metal Forces Magazine. The band went on hiatus as Mike formed Cyprus with Mike Edley (bassist), Rich Przytula (drummer) and Dominic Pteracca (vocalist). 

During the same time, Dave Gutierrez joined Social Decay on bass then Lethal Aggression on guitar. Cyprus was short lived and Mike reformed Oblivion with Bob Petrosino (bass) and George Machuga (vocals), who became the consistent force behind the band from 1987 through 1992. Oblivion signed with the now defunct local indie label Bestial Malevolence[6], where they would release five recordings and re-lease its original two demos. They quickly recruited Joe Farley (Breakdown) as drummer to record their first Bestial Malevolence[7] release "Back To Maim,"[8] in 1987, which was later included on VH1's Metal Evolution episode 106 - the thrash metal years, originally airing on December 31, 2011. The band played many shows and were able to perform two songs (Germ Warfare and Domination) in 1987 on The Uncle Floyd Show airing in 17 major US markets including NYC WNBC-TV, Chicago WPWR-TV, and Philadelphia WTAF-TV.
Oblivion parted ways with Joe Farley, who went on to NYHC band - Breakdown. Oblivion then secured Chris Kelly on drums as a replacement. After joining with Chris, Oblivion recorded "Intoxicated With Agony!!"[9] and played throughout the NY Metro Area while receiving critical acclaim in numerous heavy metal publications and fanzines. The band went through another line-up change when Sica formed Fallacy with Chris Kelly, Mike Marshall, Jeff Payne and Joe Hurley releasing 'Rooked but Reborn'.
Former-Oblivion vocalist, Dave Gutierrez now playing with Lethal Aggression introduced ('That Dave Kid') David Fesette to Petrosino and Machuga. Gutierrez and Fesette grew up with Zakk Wylde, in Jackson, NJ, and went to Jackson Memorial High School together, yet each had different metal guitar styles. Dave Gutierrez played NJHC, Fesette played thrash and Zakk played glam metal in his bands like Stone Henge and Zyris . Knowing Fesette’ s propensity toward thrash, Dave Gutierrez got him into Oblivion. John Proveaux (Solace) was recruited on drums, who did not know a lot about the East Coast thrash scene but was more familiar with rock. To fill out the unit Petrosino contacted Charlie Alaimo to play second lead guitar. The new Oblivion recorded "War Gives Me Peace of Mind?"[10] on December 3 & 4, 1988 with Engineer Damian Cordisco, who was also a band mate with Rachel Bolan of Skid Row in the punk band, The Flu.
In 1989, Oblivion followed up with "Why Did Johnny Kill?"[11] recording with Cordisco again. Oblivion started receiving regular airplay on 89.5 WSOU, and doing on-air interviews alongside Biohazard‎ and Mucky Pup with WSOU DJ, Missi Callazzo (currently, owner of Megaforce Records) to promote their live shows together. Oblivion played show after show at many clubs and venues like The Stone Pony with such underground bands of the time, as Ripping Corpse to national acts like Biohazard‎. However, typical of the ever-changing line-ups, the rock end of the band, Proveaux (Solace) and Alaimo left the band.
Petrosino, Machuga and Fesette agreed to get Chris Kelly back from Fallacy as drummer and recruited Frank Bonanno as the second guitarist. The quintet released "Contents Under Pressure"[12] during January of 1990. This was the time when Oblivion began adding more elements to its thrash roots and were at the forefront of the NWOAHM movement without realizing it. The expanded style caught the attention of MCA Records, which became interested in major label exploration with Oblivion but as expected line-up changes occurred again. Frank and Chris started a side project called Technikill where Frank became the main composer. When Frank quit Oblivion, Tom Picciotti became available. Tom played with Oblivion through 1992 but was never able to record in the studio. He can be heard on the live songs - "Mind Ripper" and "No Code" found on Oblivion's - "Resurrection"[13] from its last live show in support of former Anthrax bassist, Dan Lilker'sBrutal Truth on Saturday February 16, 1992. The Resurrection CD garnered positive reviews around the globe by the French magazine Metallian[14], Rock Net Webzine[15], Feast of Hate and Fear fanzine[16], Poland's MetalCentre[17] and Masterful Maga’zine[18], Metalpedia (Heavy Metal Reviews, Interviews and Encyclopedia)[19] and a host of other media sources. Oblivion started playing less often without finding a stable line-up of dedicated musicians and ultimately did not sign with MCA.



In 2011, Oblivion reunited with Bob Petrosino, George Machuga, Dave Fesette, Frank Bonanno and Dom Petrocelli. Dom is the newest drummer, who was born after the band broke up in 1992 and the son of Tony Petrocelli (RagStew, United Blood, Hate Wagon, Minus-Us, Kundt). He is also the guitarist for the band Nemora.
As a musical representative of the Jersey Shore, Oblivion took a direct hit by Hurricane Sandy in 2012 but it has responded as well. During the Summer of 2013, its vocalist George Machuga was photographed along with Kenny Chesney by Danny Clinch at Lucky Leo's arcade in Seaside Hts., NJ in support of the recovery from the destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy, which is the inspiration behind the 2013 Oblivion song, "Engine of Destruction." In addition to "Engine of Destruction," Oblivion is composing new material, playing live shows, and plan to release a new CD in 2014. Heavy Metal Mayhem Radio[20] interviewed Bob Petrosino on June 9, 2013 about Oblivion's history and future. An interview by Metalcore Fanzine[21] with Dave Fesette details the evolution of Oblivion and why it reunited.


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